VERCHOOL, a pioneering start-up in Dubai-UAE, launches the World’s 1st Web 3.0 Family Office Zone for UHNW Families, with its Boardroom Live experience, using AI, spatial web, and virtual extended reality technologies.

Pioneering Tech to Propel Family Businesses and
Family Offices to Safeguard Legacies with Privacy

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 2, 2024 — VERCHOOL HOLDINGS LTD (“VERCHOOL” or the “Company”), a deep-tech B2B community platform company, has developed intelligent B2B community zones in a Web 3.0 private virtual world. Verchool announced today the launch of the Family Office Zone, as its first of ten B2B community zones on the Verchool Platform. The Family Office Zone is where UHNW Family Offices, Family Business Conglomerates and Family Investment Groups from all parts of the globe can meet virtually in a 3D world to accelerate and facilitate new communications, connections, collaborations and drive more deal-flow commerce, without the need to travel. Its technology is bridging the gap across generations to safeguard legacies with complete privacy.

Verchool aims to address global challenges, associated with how B2B communities build trust to share data intelligently and facilitate commerce in new markets. Verchool has identified these issues with eco-systems across government entities, global associations, niche industry sectors, and validated with research conducted from 750 companies that rely on existing Web 2.0 social media platforms, that have become outdated models. B2B communities want to connect, network and communicate in safeguarded spaces away from the public domains and speed up the process of accessing the right trustworthy knowledge, whilst meeting the right people to conduct commerce with, and shift from virtual to physical relationships.

The Family Office Zone went live with its first go-to-market product, the Boardroom Live experience, with a pioneering 3D virtual world space engineered and developed to give a realistic boardroom live experience, with access to full audio, video, chat, document management and presentation tools, whilst members interact around a virtual boardroom with their personalised Intelligent 3D-Orbs linked to their Business Profiles.

Verchool has started with this niche sector built upon the Founder’s 22 years of experience working directly with 208 UHNW families and coming from a family business bloodline. The Family Office Zone intends to impact 15,000 UHNW Family Offices and 50,000 Large Family Business Groups globally by 2030. The Family Office Zone is Verchool’s first B2B community, with new B2B zones being developed for the Venture Capital, Private Equity, EdTech, FinTech, GreenTech, BioTech, Sustainability, Tourism, Sports, Real Estate and Manufacturing sectors in 2024-2025.

In addition, Verchool has worked privately with Government entities in the UAE, KSA & UK in developing live proof-of-concepts and pilots for them to leverage the Verchool Platform tech capabilities to build private customised zones for their private eco-systems, to drive more engagement, launch new revenue streams and increase annual renewal contracts.

Verchool was founded in 2022 in Dubai-UAE, established and grown out of the DIFC Innovation Hub, as part of the Dubai International Financial Centre. Verchool has also established regional technology hubs and investor offices in UK, India and US, with a growing remote team in 6 countries and a global advisory board of 17 influential members. “After an investment of $1.25m from the Founder and a $5m seed round in current closure from VCs and PE firms, additional investor interest has accelerated upon the launch of the Family Office Zone, with the company committed to raising $125m for its Series A round to launch a Corporate Ventures Company (CVC) to invest in 50 other deep-tech (Web 3.0. virtual extended reality, spatial web and infrastructure) start-ups, with Verchool Tech Ventures Ltd already established, and to continue to scale the core Verchool Tech company to build 1,500 B2B Zones and serve 300,000 B2B platform customers, with an intent to complete an IPO ideally by 2030,” said Reg Athwal, Founder & CEO of Verchool.

Verchool is committed to developing human-centric private community zones, that solve real-world problems, where business owners and executives want to make new connections globally in new ways, and accelerate learning, collaboration and commerce, in a private safeguarded space and be part of private trusted B2B community. “The Family Office Zone and 3D Boardroom Live launch is only the start, as the company has already engineered and developed a virtual world Marketplace, Matchmaking, Executive Office, Clubhouse, Academy & Library full suite of product features, using integrated Web 3.0, virtual extended reality, AI, and spatial web technologies for the B2B industry, ready to be launched in phases in 2024,” said Barry K, CTO of Verchool. One CIO stated recently, that the Family Office Zone Boardroom, could replace their need to use existing 2D video-conferencing platforms for their entire executive team and next-gen members to drive more engagement.

Verchool is perfectly positioned to scale and ride the evolution wave and convergence of Web 3.0, AR, VR & AI technologies over the next decade. “Verchool is committed to developing the most intelligent secure deep-tech B2B community platform with a high-quality user experience,” said Barry K, CTO of Verchool. “With Family Offices growing around the world and trillions of dollars of assets to be passed down and inherited by Millennials and Gen Zers in the next decade, the company is well positioned to bridge the gap of how technology can serve all generational levels with intelligent features. Safeguarding a legacy, is as much to do with building global trusted relationships and making the right connections faster, as it is to effectively manage wealth and assets,” said Reg Athwal, Founder & CEO of Verchool.

“We believe the Verchool platform’s business model, adaptive scalable features and intelligent technology is key for developing tomorrow’s smart global B2B communities. With adherence to high levels of governance, ethics, privacy, data standards and expertise in the Web 3.0, virtual extended reality, AI and spatial computing technology industry, it makes us an invaluable partner for large governments and associations to establish joint venture partnerships to build new B2B Zones, and build long-term shareholder and customer value,” said Micheal Gralnick, CIO of Verchool.


Verchool is a deep-tech B2B community platform company, specializing in building Web 3.0 private B2B zones for niche industries and directly for government entities, corporates, global associations and large membership organizations. Our flagship “Boardroom Live” product allows members to privately accelerate and facilitate new connections and communications to drive collaboration and commerce productively and efficiently. Other pioneering Web 3.0 product features integrating virtual extended reality, AI, GenAI and spatial web technologies, include the Marketplace, Matchmaking, Executive Office, Clubhouse, Academy and Library, that will further foster trustworthy community building and create value addition in each B2B zone built by Verchool. Learn more at

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