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Verchool is a deep-tech B2B community platform technology and ventures group, specializing in building Web 3.0 private B2B zones for niche industries and directly for government entities, corporates, global associations and large membership organizations. Our flagship “Boardroom Live” product allows members to privately accelerate and facilitate new connections and communications to drive collaboration and commerce productively and efficiently. Other pioneering Web 3.0 product features integrating virtual extended reality, AI, GenAI and spatial computing technologies, will further foster trustworthy community building and create value addition in each B2B zone built by Verchool.


Verchool has built a deep-tech community platform using Web 3.0, virtual extended reality, AI and spatial computing technologies. On the community platform we build private B2B Zones, with dynamic user experiences to accelerate connections, communications, collaboration and commerce. Each Zone has features to include the Boardroom, Marketplace, Matchmaker, Virtual Office, Executive Office, Clubhouse, Academy and Library.


Verchool is building private B2B Zones for niche communities, with a current build pipeline to include the Family Office Zone, Venture Capital Zone, Private Equity Zone, FinTech Zone, EdTech Zone, GreenTech Zone, Luxury Assets Zone, Government Zone, Convention Zone, Manufacturing Zone and the Automobile Zone. In addition, to building privately sponsored joint venture zones for Governments, Associations & Corporates.

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Our Roadmap

May 2022

Extensive research was completed from 750 companies to understand the biggest B2B problems being faced and how Web 3.0, virtual extended reality, AI and spatial computing technologies could solve these problems. The Verchool model and brand identity was confirmed and a CTO and engineering team onboarded.

August 2023

All structuring was executed with Verchool Holdings, Verchool Tech Ventures and Verchool Tech entities all established in UAE and Cayman. Over 15 months, the company built 6 POCs and delivered 80 Live Demos to organizations for feedback. The Verchool Platform went to advance engineering stage, with the first B2B vertical MVP ready.

January 2024

The company further strengthened its C-Suite and Advisory Board with 18 members confirmed to date. The Beta 1.0 Launch of the Family Office Zone on the Verchool Platform was completed with the Boardroom Live 1.0 feature. The Venture Capital Zone reached testing phase. New MOUs & JVs were signed with UAE Governments.

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