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Welcome to Verchool Holdings

Verchool is a pioneering Deep-Tech (Virtual Extended Reality “VER” and Artificial Intelligence “AI”), B2B platform development, technology and ventures group, with backing from RTS Global Partners, TAO Legacy, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and other UHNW Global Family Offices from Dubai and London.

Verchool has a global dream team onboarded in ten global cities across five continents, that creates, develops and launches Virtual Extended Reality (VER) communities as private platforms and spaces for B2B enterprise clients.

We provide corporates, conglomerates, governments and global family offices with exponential growth opportunities and a competitive advantage via our multitude of deep tech solutions. These platforms are all Business KPI focused and can be integrated with your shareholder M&A plans, employee or customer engagement digital strategies or linked to operational productivity areas. With additional full Enterprise integration to ERP, CRM, SCM, OpenAi and Big Data systems, enabling you to generate new revenue streams and create new bankable digital assets. We are highly practical and outcome focused at Verchool.

The company has confirmed its first phase backers on its current $50m investment valuation pre-seed round in 2023, after receiving an injection of $500k in founders capital alongside angel investment in 2022 from a private UHNW family office.

We promise our investor community to go above and beyond the metaverse hype, as our growth strategy is based on a fundamental EBIT generating business models for both us and our clients.

MISSION: “To build 1,000 Global Community B2B platforms, that impact 1 Million Enterprises using Deep-Tech tools, to accelerate communications, collaboration and commerce.”

INTENTIONS: We deploy 10 pillars as part of our Strategic “V.E.R.S.E” Methodology to ensure our clients are successful with every metaverse project implementation.

  • Vision + Value
  • Experience + Engagement
  • Revenue + Recurring
  • Scalable + Sustainable
  • Execution + Evolution

We look forward to serving your company and seeing you in the Virtual World soon.

Reg Athwal, Founder & CEO


With a global development team of experts located in five continents, we have built use cases and pilots across multiple growth industries and niche areas, enabling our clients to build private VER platforms with speed and precision. Contact us to set-up a meeting to discuss what use cases can be developed for your industry.


We have identified 10 key B2B verticals to include: Governments, Family Offices, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Sports, Events, Hospitality and Luxury sectors. In each of these areas we guide clients through a process of discovery and conceptualization to come up with the most viable business use cases to generate additional revenues.

What is Web 3.0 and the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a term that encapsulates the virtual world or as we call it a Virtual Extended Reality (VER) world, where your real-world starts to extend and integrate with the virtual-world.

It is a virtual space where millions of people will have a deeper digital experience and engage fully with their human senses. We as human being started with the internet (Web 1.0), evolved into social media, mobile and e-commerce (Web 2.0) and now evolving into a new 3D metaverse with endless opportunities and digital live experiences (Web 3.0). Do you want to simply see it and read about it or experience it?

This goes beyond scrolling up and down online news feeds or browsing products in social media platforms and on websites or portals. The metaverse is where your consumers, customers and employees with have digital clones by creating an avatar, that can communicate, interact, engage and experience connections with other avatars and their respective brands, products and services.

Businesses are starting to build their spaces in existing metaverse platforms (Decentraland, The Sandbox, Somnium Space, Roblox & Spatial) and creating their own new private meta platforms.

One day we envision every major corporate, government, family office and conglomerate being on the metaverse, the same way we carry a mobile phone and have social media access or a company website today. This is simply a digital evolution.

When you enter the metaverse, you will be able to access spaces that businesses have created, to showcase their brands, products and services. Right now in this early adoption phase, businesses are buying virtual land and experimenting with what to build upon it. Every company will need to build their virtual digital assets first, step by step, and need a metaverse business strategy.

Eventually users can purchase items from art to furniture to cars to homes, including booking tickets for sports events, concerts and conferences, and experience them with thousands of other real-people with their digital cloned avatars. A new economy will also evolve with meta-commerce, integrated with NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, meta-coins and meta-tokens. 

Over the next decade we will witness the biggest transformation in business history with new revenue streams being created.

Eventually the metaverse will evolve into “The Future of Everything”, where we will be connected in the real-world and virtual-world all at the same time. We could be in our real-world home with family members in our lounge, whilst our friends are joining us in the same room virtually, with their avatar clones or real-life holographic beings.

One family member could be in the real-world in a physical car showroom, whilst their partner is in the same space integrated within their metaverse space also viewing the same car at the same time, whilst both interacting with the same sales executive from two different worlds in space and time. This goes beyond video calling and messaging or live voice chats, and is totally multi-dimensional and will expand into multi-verses.

What are Metaverse Use Cases & Practical Applications?

At Verchool we have decided to focus on providing practical solutions for our B2B clients.

There is plenty of hype around the metaverse and many businesses will unfortunately waste money, time and valuable resources over the next 5 years. It is imperative you build a sound business-case before thinking of any use cases that will give you an ROI.

Does your company have a website and any e-commerce strategy already?

Do you use mobile devices for m-commerce?

How do your customers and consumers currently engage with you in the real-world and online?

Do you use any form of video or bots for engagement purposes?

Do you have an e-learning platform for your employees?

Where do your employees hang-out to effectively communicate with each other?

How do your customers buy from you right now?


These are only starting points to understand what is working already and how your business is operating in the real-world and the current Web 2.0 environments, which will guide us to build your Web 3.0 business strategy.

If you were to take only one-core area of your business, where customers would like an enhanced digital experience to make a decision to buy your product or service faster and without any inconvenience, where would that be?

If for example a customer has to meet you in your office or online with a series of meetings and then read through documents, e-brochures and watch videos, in order to make a buying decision – how could Web 3.0 and the metaverse be used to do things faster, better, more accurately and create a higher-level of convenience with superior engagement?

At Verchool we have an entire business-case discovery process to help you conceptualize the best area to focus on, that will generate immediate revenue and provide a ROI, if you decide to expand your brand, products and services by leveraging the metaverse.

This is not about buying some virtual land and creating nice looking avatars. This is not about playing some games with your headset on with some random strangers.

Below are some insights on how businesses are creating use cases out of business cases across many industries…


A virtual campus with virtual classrooms. Be in the room with other global students, experiencing a real Professor who is engaging with all the other students. Finish your class and walk down the corridor to another class or teleport yourself to a different business school for the afternoon in a new country with new people.

Real Estate

A virtual city with properties that you can tour that are available to purchase or build your own in virtually with your family as you change layouts and decide what furniture  or fittings you want and floor tiles. Purchase your favourite items linked to your local stores and have them delivered immediately.


A virtual mall with luxury shops or a hypermarket, where you can enter, walk around, pick up products, check the labels, speak to a sales assistant in real-time, get your questions answered and decide to buy using your crypto-wallet or save items in a meta-basket and come back later. Window shopping with evolve into a full Meta Shopping experience.


A virtual hotel or fine-dining restaurant or golf club or medical tourism resort. Want to experience the next holiday destination at that 5-star beach resort and check out the penthouse suite – now you can with your entire family. Take a full tour, experience the view and decide which restaurant you want to host your birthday party at and book it.


A virtual stadium with a real-live experience with your friends and 50,000 other avatar fans. A club no longer needs to sell only one season-ticket and a physical seat, it can be sold 1,000 times over with a multi-verse revenue model. Upon leaving visit the Club Shop and buy your latest t-shirt to club cap, and decide to buy a virtual one for your avatar or a real one to be shipped to your home within 24 hours.


A virtual environment for your head office and all your global offices or branches. As the CEO, teleport yourself from your London office to your Dubai Office, all before midday, without any voice-calls or online desktop meetings. Other avatars will connect with you in real-time. What impact can this have on future company cultures? We are going to see the evolution of the new virtual extended reality (VER) business infrastructure.


This is only the start…

We have documented over 100 use-cases and business ideas in 10 different verticals, which we feel will make the biggest impact to businesses.

If you are not ready to invest in building a full metaverse strategy, try a hybrid of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 (let’s call it Web 2.5). This can include using video scanning equipment and technology, integrated with virtual walls, animations and product information, whilst your customer tours your shop or office or showroom via a computer web browser or mobile device, without any headset or extra equipment.

This experience can be the start of your metaverse journey, whilst the world is getting used to the idea and we achieve mass adoption of metaverse and VR equipment being used in our daily lives.

Not everyone purchased the mobile phone when it entered our lives as human beings. It’s taken decades for mass adoption. This time it won’t take as long as technology is evolving so fast, that headsets in future will simply become contact lenses or we can get laser surgery or deploy other integrated eye wear with additional sensors, that we simply to stick-on to our skin, with a remote device on our mobile, wrist or in our pocket for storage (or all linked to the cloud of course, so who needs it).

It is all coming… 

Contact us today and start the journey and we will guide you and educated your company.

How can we help you generate VER/Web3.0 Revenues?


Connect with us today for complimentary 30 Minute business-case discovery session, whilst we also educate you, share case studies, present real use cases and showcase some of our metaverse pilot videos.

What we need in return is validation you have annual revenues of $100m+ and our meeting is with the Group CIO or Global CTO alongside any board-level decision-makers.

If you don’t meet this criteria we are still open to scheduling discovery sessions, subject to availability over a 3-month period and a commitment fee of $5,000 will be required for the educational experience we provide and access to our global experts and ongoing research.

Email: info@verchool.com with your details and our office will make contact immediately or complete the contact us section on our website.

Services & Solutions


We support clients to build their own private communities on the metaverse to leverage existing global databases to drive new revenue opportunities.


We support clients to build customized private platforms for their employees, suppliers and customers on the metaverse to increase engagement.


We support clients to integrate within existing metaverse platforms and have their dedicated space for their products and services to increase revenues.


We support clients to build private in-house studios at their HQ offices to enable existing and new customers to experience the metaverse.


We support clients to build their own metaverse R&D labs with the correct software and hardware, plus training solutions to build their new products.


We support clients to create joint ventures and develop metaverse use cases, that can be licensed to accelerate metaverse business models.




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For investor relations and media bookings please email RTS Global Partners via corporate@rtsgp.com.

For joint ventures, alliances, partnerships and hiring opportunities please email Verchool Holdings via info@verchool.com.

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