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Verchool is a deep-tech B2B community platform technology and ventures group, specializing in building Web 3.0 private B2B zones for niche industries and directly for government entities, corporates, global associations and large membership organizations. Our flagship “Boardroom Live” launch product allows members to privately accelerate and facilitate new connections and communications to drive collaboration and commerce productively and efficiently. Other pioneering Web 3.0 product features integrating virtual extended reality, AI, GenAI and spatial computing technologies, will further foster trustworthy community building and create value addition in each B2B zone built by Verchool. Our global corporate and operating structure includes the following business entities: Verchool Holdings, Verchool Tech Ventures, Verchool Tech, Verchool Assets & Verchool Worlds, with technology hubs and investor offices in UAE, UK, USA & India.

Verchool has evolved into a global engineering and technology ventures group, with backing from RTS Global Partners, TAO Legacy Holdings, PE Firms, VC Funds and other UHNW Single Family Offices from London and Dubai. Verchool has a global remote-first dream team onboarded in six countries across four continents, that creates, develops and launches deep-tech B2B communities as private platforms and zones for enterprise SaaS clients and content membership subscribers. Verchool enables private B2B communities on its Verchool Platform, to accelerate connections, communications, collaboration and commerce, whilst accessing dynamic live content.

Verchool provides associations, corporates, conglomerates and governments with growth opportunities and a competitive advantage via our multitude of deep-tech virtual world products and solutions. Verchool builds industry specific niche zones to bring communities together. Current B2B communities launched or in the development roadmap, include the Family Office Zone, Venture Capital Zone, Private Equity Zone, Luxury Assets Zone, FinTech Zone, EdTech Zone, BioTech, GreenTech, Renewables Zone, Automobile Zone, Manufacturing Zone, Government Zone, Sustainability Zone and many customised private sponsored zones for Association and Government clients and their eco-systems.

The company is in current closure of its seed investment round, from VC & PE firms and Single Family Offices from US, UK & UAE, after receiving an injection of $1.25m in founders capital in 2022. Verchool is now building trusted investor relationships for a $125m Series A raise in 2025 to register ongoing patents, build a corporate ventures arm, develop more cutting-edge IP, and build 1,500 private B2B zones over the next decade, with a vision to execute an IPO by 2030 on Nasdaq. The first go-to-market launch product developed on our Verchool platform, was the Family Office Zone launched in Q1-2024, to privately connect 200 UHNW Global Family Offices with accelerated AI matchmaking, access to live academy content, dynamic immersive B2B marketplace spaces with private virtual world offices, a virtual 3D boardroom, all backed with deep-tech tools leading to faster decision-making, whilst generating more precise private investment deal-flow opportunities for the B2B community members. We promise our investor community to go above and beyond the metaverse and AI hype, as our growth strategy is based on a fundamental EBIT generating business models for both us and our clients.

our mission

“To build 1,500 Global Community B2B platform zones, that impacts 300,000 daily B2B users, who leverage our deep-tech community platform tools, to access and accelerate connections, communications, collaboration, commerce and community content.”

our intentions

We have express the following core values with everything we do via our teams to drive our intentions and value to our members and customers: Creative, Hardworking, Opportunistic, Original and Leading. We deploy 10 pillars as part of our Strategic “V.E.R.S.E” Methodology to ensure our B2B platform and all zones built are successfully driving community outcomes.

Vision + Value
Experience + Engagement
Revenue + Recurring
Scalable + Sustainable
Execution + Evolution

We look forward to inviting you to partner with us and serving your company within our Verchool communities.
Thank you for visiting us and we shall see you soon in the Verchool World. 

reg athwal, founder & ceo

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Camana Bay House, Level 2, Solaris Avenue, Grand Cayman, 30745, Cayman Islands

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HQ: Gate Village, Building 10, Level 7, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 359547, UAE

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Gate Avenue, DIFC Innovation Hub, Level 1, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 359547, UAE

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European Hub: Berkeley Square House, Level 8, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 6DB, United Kingdom

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US Hub: 101 Jefferson Drive, Menlo Park, Level 1, Silicon Valley, Bay Area, California, 94025, United States

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